Advanced. Mobile. Hybrid.

Mobile renewable energy system

VETROSAIL is the most advanced, the most compact and, the most powerful mobile, renewable energy solution in the market.

Basic configuration combines wind energy, solar photovoltaics and container with battery power storage.


Wind subsystem contains VETROsail or wind sail that incorporates VETAR wind turbines. It is highly scalable and can be produced in different sizes and power configurations. The installed power can range from 5-25kW for VETROsail (V4) and 15-75kW for VETROsail (V15).


Solar subsystem includes PV films that are flexible, thin and very light. The integrated solar PV can range from 1-20kW. 


Power storage can include different battery systems depending from the location, climate and purpose. It can range from 30 - 3000kWh and can use Li-ion, LiFePO4, LTO, sodium-nickel and other, customized, type of batteries.

Depending on configuration VETROSAIL system is designed to fit into a traditional 20" - 45” containers and can be fully customized in terms of power configurations, size and electricity power storage.


VETROSAIL is fully automated with a deployment time of 10 minutes. It requires no infrastructure or specialized personnel. A short time of deployment combined with full mobility makes VETROSAIL an ideal solution for an emergency or quick deployment in any part of the world.

In case of a threat or a severe weather events it can be as quickly inactivated and lowered down into a protective container bay.


at different time points.

Versatility of application

VETROSAIL can be used in a large number of different applications. Two basic modes of operation are:

- static, where system container is placed at solid foundations,

- mobile, where system container is placed at mobile platform such as land or marine vehicle. 

In any mode of operation VETROSAIL can be used for power generation and storage, telecommunication systems, transport, remote databases, urban mobility (EV chargers), IoT, research and observation, defence and more.


The primary purpose of VETROSAIL is power generation.
System can be adapted to work in on-grid or fully autonomous off-grid mode. Can be used as an
individual power generation system or stacked up in an array.
Furthermore, VETROSAIL can be used in static, offloaded, container installation or in a fully mobile trailer
mounted option.


from a small to industrial scale

in a modular,
containerized application VETROSAIL can
be stacked up from 30 kW to
multi-megawatt sized power


to enhance the capability

When required VETROSAIL can be upgraded with a technical or living space for the equipment and
the crew. This is a COMBO unit. COMBO is a weather insulated and climatized module merged with one or
more VETROSAIL units.


to go where and when is needed

VETROSAIL trailer mounted (TM) is a fully mobile variant of the VETROSAIL containerized system. The system is designed to be fully functional whether the trailer is connected or separated from the truck.


The large power storage capacity and autonomous
renewable energy generation capability of VETROSAIL
are especially suitable for a remote and isolated
telecommunication infrastructure and data centres.
With VETROSAIL it is possible to connect remote
communities without investing in the construction of
expensive ICT infrastructure.


Every VETROSAIL can be equipped with electric vehicle (EV) power chargers. This capability could be very useful at remote sites without infrastructure as it may be of crucial importance to reduce diesel reliance and range anxiety for EVs.
Being a non-permanent, containerized solution no construction or special permits are required and, if needed, the whole system can be quickly removed. The system is fully autonomous and self-charging.



when there is no wind or during a severe storm.
75 kW solar PV only.

VETROSAIL deploying

when favorable wind is detected.

VETROSAIL deployed

during windy days.
75kW solar PV + 225 kW wind.

VETROSAIL can be used in urban environment with very high rate of efficiency. Due to its compact size, lack of vibration and low noise it can be fitted to almost any flat roof without major modifications to the roof structure. In difference to any other wind energy system VETROSAIL is fully retractable into its storage bay minimalizing the visual impact when there is no wind or as protective measure in case of severe storms. This capability also lowers the maintenance costs and prolongs the system's working life.


All terrain land transport

VETROSAIL parred with fully electric vehicle, enhanced with AI can be used for transport of man and goods in all terrain conditions.
These vehicles could be manned or unmanned.

In combination with AI navigation and route calculation system it would be possible to fine tune the system that will combine weather, cargo and travel routes data for maximum efficiency.

The whole system is designed to bully fully electric and powered with renewable energy supplied by VETROSAILs.

It would add a new meaning to the term "living with the nature".

VETROSAIL rail application

One of the most efficient use of VETROSAIL in transport and power generation is by connecting multiple VETROSAIL containers into an electric powered train.
In this way it would be possible to use wind rich areas to charge the power composition and than use the energy for transport or recharging the systems with renewable energy where it is needed.
The configuration presented on the right has 150kW wind augmented with 60kW solar PV of installed power. The maximum power storage is 30MWh of electric energy.



continuous fire risk observation

VETROSAIL firefighting observation system enables continuous 24/7 fire risk observation. It is equipped with thermal camera, radar for smoke detection, and standard high definition camera with a long range communication capabilities.  It enables early warning capabilities potentially saving material and wildlife loses from fire damages.


continuous security observation

VETROSAIL defence systems address the logistic weakness coming from diesel dependence with current defence observations systems. No fuel, no electric power. No power, no observation.
VETROSAIL requires no fuel and can be on duty 24/7 all year round. It is equipped with active and passive radar systems, high definition thermal and visible light cameras, laser range finder, satellite, Wi-fi, and GSM telecommunication modules, and onboard computer for AI integration. It can be operated remotely, on site or left in fully automatic mode without personnel on site. Multiple units can be connected in an unified grid.



The hope for the future

There is a major push to replace fossil fuel technologies with a green hydrogen. It will require large amounts or renewable energy production capacities. The problem is that in areas that are very rich in wind and sometimes solar resources there is very little urban development as they are usually remote.  Often they are not close to the water as a base material needed for hydrogen electrolysis.  Even if one solves the problem of hydrogen production at spot it still remains the problem of transport. 

VETROSAIL P2H2 aims to solves those issues with its mobile, green hydrogen, generation systems.

VETROSAIL P2H2 technology demonstrator with automatic snow collector, water electrolyser and hydrogen storage system.
For the local H2 production we have designed the land based systems and for a larger scale green hydrogen production we have anticipated marine based VETROSAIL installations.


The next domain

Global ocean has a tremendous capacity for a clean energy generation. In average wind above the ocean is at least 50% stronger than over the land. It connects all the continents. It is almost endless reservoir of water, food and even raw materials. Therefore we decided to connect all the dots with marine implementation of VETROSAIL. Combining VETROSAIL, electric drive and floating vessels we got ships with unlimited range, highly efficient wind and solar energy production, green hydrogen infrastructure and even drinking water production facilites.


an autonomous automated unit

KOREL is designed as an autonomous automated system for sea observation and communication. It can be used for research, telecommunications, remote databases, coast guard, defense and transport.


a research yacht

TRIVAL is a unique research vessel, a sort of scientific yacht. It is designed to roam the ocean exploring the climate, wildlife and ocean ecosystems. It can be adapted to be used as passenger ferry, in defence and as a luxury superyacht. 


an industrial scale energy platform

PANAMAX E is a marine implementation of VETROSAIL at an industrial scale. It can be used for transport, power generation and for green hydrogen production, and storage. 

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