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VETROLIT is a unique triple device.

Wind turbine, solar plate and power storage all in one.

It is the ultimate solution for the renewable industry. This unique system offers you unprecedented energy security in any geography and all climates and weather patterns.

VETROLIT combines 15 kW of wind power with 12 kW of solar panels.

With up to 1000 kWh of power storage, it is a genuine, little power plant with more than enough power for any household but more importantly, it can be used as a one of a kind Small and Medium Enterprise powers source.

It is especially useful for hotels, data centers, and electric charger stations and even advertising as it can offer a large electric power storage capacity. If you combine this with our flagship VETAR wind turbine you can be sure that you will be owning the most optimal renewable energy systems in existence today.

Power storage solutions used in tariffs savings are already in the use but VETROLIT lifts this at a whole new level. While traditional battery systems can give you some savings in different tariffs systems VETROLIT can completely free you from any expenses in terms of electric grid power purchases. When there are a good wind and a sunny day it will supply you with power. When there is no electric power load VETROLIT charges the battery system so that stored el. power can be used later in times when there is no wind or sun.

In this way, it is possible to ensure complete electric power self-sufficiency. 

As a bonus VETROLIT can serve as a major financial asset if used as an electric car charger where just one VETROLIT can fully charge at least 3 average electric cars per one 90% DoD cycle.


Currently, there are not many, if any, devices that are combining power generation power storage and power distribution in one unified system. To our knowledge, VETROLIT-P(ower) is the only such product that offers this level of integration in serving the rising market of electric vehicles.

By 2025, it is estimated, there will be 11 million EVs while by 2030 their number will more than double to 30 million with even higher growth after that.

All these EVs will have to be charged and it is a BIG difference if these vehicles are being charged with electric power produced by renewable energy or if they were charged with electricity from thermoelectric power plants run by coal and hydrocarbons.

The fact that you are using electric vehicles does not make you "greener" if the electricity used to recharge your EV does not come from clean sources of energy.

Therefore we came up with VETROLIT-P which, on average, can produce enough electric power to charge one, 80 kWh, battery every day. In practice, it is highly unlikely that you will spend the entire battery in one day.

In addition, VETROLIT-P has a 150 kW electric charger which is more than 3 times more powerful than current EV chargers and can recharge the full 80 kWh battery pack in just a little more than 30 minutes.

And if you decide to upgrade your VETROLIT-P with power storage, you can, depending on climate and usage, be fully self-sustainable and, you can use the excess of stored power to power your home or SME.

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