Hyper cooling - Modular design - Higher efficiency

V-gen 6.5 and 7.5 are new patent-pending concepts of wind turbine generators with hyper cooling capability, modular teeth design, and increased efficiency.

How do they work?

V-gen generates electric energy as any other outrunner electro-generator but the difference is that each of the stator teeth has horizontal and vertical channels which increase cooling capabilities of induction coils and that also increases the efficiency of electro-generator. In addition, each of the teeth is made to be detachable i.e. modular by which we achieved higher practicality in configuring generator/motor power output and torque.

Every Vetar 10 or Vetrosun 13i4.2 unit will have two of V-gen 6.5 generators with a maximum power of 6.5 kW each.

Every Vetar 15 or Vetrosun 15i4.2 unit will have two of V-gen 7.5 generators with a maximum power of 7.5 kW each.