If we think about it there are only three things
of basic necessity to current human civilization.
These are: food, water & energy.

With present technical knowledge
we can produce the first two out of “thin air”
if we have the third one: the ENERGY.

These days we have a struggle between
those who understand the way of future
and those who do not.

So, we are asking you:

choose wisely - choose the future.


Currently, Europe has a total economic wind potential of 30400 TWh. It is widely seen that with current wind technology around 15% can be used without any noticeable influence on the environment. This 15%, at current prices, equals to 4560 TWh or 501 billion euro annually from electric power sales.
With our technology, we can double this 15% to 30% using the same sites designed for regular HAWTs.
At this point, global installed wind capacity is just shy of 651 GW. By 2025 it is expected to rise to 950 GW with 60 GW market opening every year.
This equals to approximately 90 billion USD annually just for hardware.
In addition, we are opening a completely new market for hybrid power generation as well as urban renewable.
Can we do it?
Well, some of the world’s biggest companies think that we can. Join us to see for yourself.
There are several ways you can invest in Poduhvat depending on the size of your investment but these are three basic forms.

Investing in joint generation projects - using ours in house technology and near-production prices.
Investing in a joint venture for a given territory -making and selling our products under an exclusive license.
Investing in equity. 

In most countries these investments are tax-deductible therefore, you are free to decide, are you going to give your money to bureaucracy or joins us in the creation of a better world. 
> Impact investment
> Up to 50% IRR
> ROI within 2-5 years
> Long term 
> Foreseeable
> Large market
> Global outreach