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Today global wind industry is bothered with several, as it seems, insurmountable challenges such as:

  • Problems with high maintenance costs (if gearbox brakes down the cost of repair or replacing it will be almost as installing another wind turbine and if rotor brakes malfunction, uncontrolled rotor rotation can and often do destroy entire wind turbine). 
  • Issues with radars and maximum height regulations.
  • Environmental and community problems concerning high levels of noise and vibration, light flickering effect and birds and bets ecocide effect.

Because of the above mentioned hazard issues large wind turbines cannot be used near or within human settlements and they are not especially nature friendly either. 

In regards to all of these large scale development problems we came up with, VETROHVAT “The Wind Catcher” and VETROSTUB “Wind Pillar”, unique patent pending solutions. 

Both VETROHVAT and VETROSTUB are VETAR 15 based modular solution for large capacity wind energy conversion.

Advantages of our approach over large conventional wind turbines:

Modular power output - power output can be easily configured by simply adding or removing Vetar wind turbines.

    Higher reliability - multiunit energy output, no gearboxes.

    Higher productivity relative to rotor area cross section surface size - smaller rotors surface area, but also smaller overall mainframe surface area relative to same power conventional wind turbines.

    Much easier maintenance - it is much easier to clean and fix small size units than very large ones.

    Much easier installation of turbines - once mainframe installed, each turbine, weights only 760 kg, can be installed using even the smallest cranes which will simply place turbine on its position.

    Hybrid technology approach - same technology base can be used for other purposes, like telecommunications (Wi-Fi emitters, cell phone emitters, etc.) and security purposes (radars installations). It can also be upgraded with solar panels.

    Birds and bats friendly - differently from large wind turbines, which kills millions of birds and bats every year, ducted fast rotating rotors of  Vetar 15 wind turbines are very noticeable for birds and bets which makes killing them or injuring them by turbines blades virtually impossible.

    Significantly reduced vibrations and stress on structure (prolonged life and increased structural resonance resistance) as well as reduced light flickering effect.



    Due to its modular nature it comes in 8 configurations from which two (75 kW and 105 kW) have two configuring types. Power configurations range from 45 to 510 kW. Each of these configuration can be additionally configured (changed) at 15 kW power level.

    Vetrohvat is extremly useful in situation with maximum height regulations as it can spread its power configuration in width instead of height.

    Every Vetrohvat is as many times more reliable, relative to conventional wind turbines, as much as wind turbines its have. For example if one Vetrohvat consists of 7 Vetar 15 wind turbines it will be at least 7 times more reliable than conventional wind turbines (doubling by two because each Vetar 15 wind turbine has two independent electro-generators).

    Even in case of malfunctioning of some Vetrohvat elements it will never stay idle which is not the case with conventional wind turbines.

    Vetrohvat can be upgraded with solar PV panels and become wind-solar hybrid.  

    Each unit of Vetrohvat with power ouput higher than 100 kW also comes with one of our own custom designed inspection and maintenance UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) from Letogled UAV products family.



    Power configurations, for wind only, range from 570 kW to 2250 kW. Each of these configuration can be additionally configured (changed) at 15 kW power level.

    Each power and height segment, consist of four Vetar 15 wind turbines and can be upgraded with 32 PV solar panels which add, per one height segment, 5.6 kW of installed power.

    Additional 5.6 kW of PV power is installed at last segment at the top of pillar.

    This adds up, for 1500 kW VETROSTUB SW option, 142 kW of solar power totaling 1642 kW of combined power. For maximum solar exposure it is possible to add additional 188 kW of solar power thus maximizing total power output at 1830 kW.

    Therefore there are 3 max. power types depending of the configuration. These are:

    VETROSTUB 1500 - max power 1500 kW - wind only
    VETROSTUB 1500 SW - max power 1642 kW - wind +sun
    VETROSTUB 1500 SWT - max power 1830 kW - wind +sun

    Where SW stands for Solar Wings and SWT for Solar Wings and Tower

    The same goes for 2MW option where we have:

    VETROSTUB 2250 - max power 2250 kW - wind only
    VETROSTUB 2250 SW -
    max power 2463 kW - wind +sun
    VETROSTUB 2250 SWT - max power 2620 kW - wind +sun

    Vetrostub is as many times more reliable, relative to conventional wind turbines, as much as wind turbines it have. This in return has much less O&M costs compared to traditional turbines as well as almost nonexistent interruption time allowing the system to operate at near 100% of availability.

    Even in case of individual Vetrostub elements malfunctioning it will never stay idle which is not the case with conventional wind turbines.

    Each power level on Vetrostub has independent yaw mechanism which makes possible full utilisation of wind energy relative to wind velocity and direction changes at different height levels. This feature along with other unique features makes Vetrostub completely unique wind and solar energy conversion solution.

    Here you can find some exemplary comparison among Vetrostub and convetional wind turbines.

    For more information and comparison details feel free to reach us directly.

    Each unit of Vetrostub also comes with one of our own custom designed inspection and maintenance UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) from Letogled UAV products family.

    VETROSTUB Power Production Advantages 

    Over Regular Wind Turbines (RWTs)

    RWTs have “vampire” consumption or negative production of approximately 10% when wind does not blow as they need to use energy in order to slowly turn blades so that the shaft does not bend.

    RWTs spend 5-10% of time for maintenance when wind turbine does not operate and does not produce any power.

    RWTs face 5-10% power degradation caused by blades erosion and insects depositing at turbine blades.

    In all, due to above issues, RWTs will produce 20-30% less than projected.

    VETROSTUB does not have “vampire” consumption as it uses smaller VETAR wind turbines that have no problems with shaft bending therefore all energy produced is fed into the grid.

    VETROSTUB is modular solution. This means that even when maintenance is being perform at one individual VETAR wind turbine all other are still in function making power.

    VETROSTUB has no large issues with blades degradation as it uses multiple small VETAR wind turbines which are more resistant to blade erosion and are smaller targets for insects which means less problems with insects depositing at turbine blades.

    This is why you can expect for VETROSTUB to be 20-30% more efficient compared to corresponding power producing RWTs.

    VETROSTUB is highly scalable, can be upgraded/integrated with other technologies and is urban friendly.