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House Integrated Wind Energy Solution

Vetrodom is a building unit which is designed as a wind energy conversion unit.

This is not just ordinary house or piece of architectural landscape.

In a nutshell Vetrodom is machine for wind energy harvesting which happens to be living or working space in the same time. Of course there is a lot of space for solar energy harvesting PV panels as well and here you have it: Vetrodom solar augmented version.

At this point Vetrodom comes as unit with 236 square meters of living space.

When determining present size and shape (as standard) of Vetrodom, performance improvement as well visual and architectural outlook, relative to shape and size of Vetar 10 and Vetar 15 wind turbines, are taken into consideration.  

Improvement features relative to Vetar wind turbines are seen in additional, up to, 10 % wind acceleration inside wind turbines which, under ideal conditions, increases power output up to 30 % relative to free standing Vetar wind turbines. This is made possible by Vetrodom optimised geometry and directed cascaded acceleration effect.  

Vetrodom consists of two major units, base (living / working) unit and dome unit where wind turbine is placed. Height of the dome relative to base unit can be changed up to 2 meters from the base top surface.

Another very interesting feature considering Vetrodom is the technology of building. Vetrodom building technology is inspired with ancient "megaliths interlocking system" which can be seen at almost all ancient megalithic structures all over the world.

Vetrodom segments are made from composite concrete and mass of the segment will depend from chosen composite combination but in any case it will vary from couple of tons to couple of dozens tons. They are shaped and interlocked in such a way to provide very strong construction unity which can last hundreds of years if not more, much more.

Vetrodom can be used as single space facility or segmented into couple of rooms. Example of room distribution and sizes can be seen in brochure below.

In addition with battery packs (optionally more expensive flywheels) and cascading swimming pools (doubling as a backup water source) Vetrodom can be a truly functional off grid solution. As such it is not ideal only as living space but for research and security facilities as well. Grouped together, with different applications, several Vetrodoms can form fully energy independent and resilient human settlements. Solution so strong that can actually withstand forces stronger than F5 tornadoes.

With any purchased Vetrodom system you will also receive 100 years building structural warranty (and no we are not joking).  

Standard Vetrodom system include Vetar 15 wind turbine and can be augmented with 15 kW solar PV panels. Optionally each Vetrodom unit can be delivered as turn key solution with cutting edge home appliances.

When purchasing Vetrodom solution one should have in mind that it is ideal survival / living tool for generations to come.

Having been energy positive it is more than regular real estate asset, through sell of any energy excesses it is actual money making financial asset.

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