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Many had tried, very few made breakthrough.


In Poduhvat we are offering you the full pathway. 

It is up to you to tell us what do you need and we, will provide you with the solution.


We can adapt our current solutions to fit with design challenge or if needed we may create a new design that will be the unique answer to your problem.


Once the right approach has been chosen we are more than capable to fully engineer the design or technical solution we have come up with.


What we engineer we will built as well, therefore, the only thing you need to worry about is how to spend your free time.

Our expertise is very strong with inovation and conceptual design where we can provide you with services in three major development areas:
  • ENERGY - We are the core developers of state of the art renewable energy technologies. As such we have developed VETAR, next generation wind turbine, with addition of multiple integrated systems that are combining all major renewable energy sources as well as power storage and infrastructure.
  • TRANSPORT - Here we have envisioned the ELVO3 high powered long range EV. In addition we developed TRIVAL first real, unlimited range ship and have created a new concept of UAVs as a precursor for a real flying car project.
  • CONSTRUCTION - When it comes to construction we have created multiple highly resistant and energy self-reliant residential and commercial projects. These projects use never before used modern construction techniques as well as multi system utilization, integration and support. VETRODOM, SKLAD and VRELO are some of readymade innovative projects but if needed we can design and build something more traditional or even better something new not seen before. We can do it.


More than a service, we can offer you an ecosystem.



Into know.

Achieving Excellence

Making you efficient and self-sustainable 


Helping you get your Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certificate.


Helping you build sustainable infrastructure for incoming EVs.



Helping you become self-sustainable.
A house, business. island or county.


Helping you discover rising UAV, EV and marine transport.

LEED is de facto international standard for sustainable building. In order for a developer to get enough credits to reach LEED certification there are many aspect of construction, approach and even design that needs to be observed.

When we worked on housing projects we did our best to observe all this parameters in the most efficient way.

Therefore we can help you with energy modeling and analysis, day lighting modeling and analysis and building strategies. We can analyze different season and wind effect as well to offer you development of customized solution.


OFF-GRID is a state of existence that is based on self-reliance. Sometimes it is a choice but sometimes you simple do not have a choice.
Whatever the reason to go off-grid we can help with the right technology and strategy to make you fully self-sustainable. It does not matter if is small house or large island. We can advise you and provide you with the most advanced solutions

INFRASTRUCTURE is a corner stone of any transport hub. it is expected that by 2025 EVs will rise 10 times current numbers. Even so there are still no major effort to solve EV required infrastructure. There are no hi-power EV chargers and there are no guaranties that EVs will be charged with renewable energy.
If you are in pursuit to find solution for these problems we are the people to talk to. 


TRANSPORT is currently overwhelmingly based on hydrocarbon sources such as oil. This is a major problem not just for the ecology but for strategic interest as well. We can help you get read off this addiction.

In addition we can direct you into a new transport channels and optimize your current logistics by implementing innovative solutions.