AVERAGE WIND VELOCITY [m/s] - Here you should use annual Average Wind speeds.
WEIBULL K - If Weibull K is not known, use K = 1 - 2 for inland sites. Weibull K is a parameter which determines wind distribution patterns. Note that this is very important factor and it is the best if you know your exact value. 

SITE ALTITUDE - is in meters above the sea level. 

WIND SHEAR EXPONENT - is best assumed as 0.12. For rough terrain or high turbulence use 0.22. For very smooth terrain or open water use 0.1. 

ANEMOMETER HEIGHT - is for the data used for the Average Wind speed, this represent the height where wind is measured. It is set automatically at 10m. If different type it in directly. 

TOWER HEIGHT - is the nominal height of the tower with wind turbine. If planned to be constructed at building roof tops you should use the height of the building as you tower height.  

TURBULENCE FACTOR - is a derating for turbulence, site variability, and other performance influencing factors -- typical turbulence has already been incorporated into the model. Use 0.00 (0%) for level sites with limited obstructions. Use -0.10 (negative 10%) for flat, clear sites on open water. Use 0.05 to 0.15 (5% to 15%) for rolling hills or mountainous terrain. 

AVERAGE SOLAR POWER [W/m2] - is the average hourly solar radiation power for a given site. 

SOLAR PANEL EFFICIENCY - is the efficiency of solar panels used in VETROSUN hybrid energy systems. This can be changed in case of customization.  

SYSTEM PRICE - is the regular price for any of chosen systems given to you by Poduhvat DOO. You should change this only if instructed to do so by Poduhvat. 

NUMBER OF UNITS ORDERED – is for the number of units you plan to order. 

PRODUCER'S DISCOUNT - is a discount given to you by retailer when purchasing any of Poduhvat’s systems. 

VAT - is value added tax. 

TOTAL SYSTEM PRICE - is the price calculated after VAT included. 

INCENTIVES - are incentives given by government or communities in form of grants, tax rebates and similar. This is important to know as it may drastically lower the levelized cost of exploitation. 

INSTALLATION COSTS PER UNIT – are the costs linked with installing the tower wind turbines, hybrid systems at the place of installation. This also includes connecting and installing control and observance software. It does not include preparatory works such as tower foundations, wiring as well as transport costs for products and/or installation staff.  

O&M - Is the average price of maintenance.  

BATTERY STORAGE PER UNIT [KWh] - is the volume of power storage you would like to order with the system. This is non-mandatory but very useful item and we strongly recommend you to take at least 5 kWh per system. 

YEARS TO USE – is for the number of years you plan to use Poduhvat’s systems. We recommend maximum optimal time to be no more than 40 years. That said our products are designed to last and with good maintenance they can last for a very long time. 

HUB AVERAGE WIND SPEED - is corrected for wind shear and used to calculate the Weibull wind speed probability.It is the actual wind velocity in front of the wind turbine. 

AIR DENSITY FACTOR - is the reduction from sea level performance due to air density change. 

AVERAGE POWER OUTPUT PER HOUR - is the average continuous hourly equivalent output of the turbine.  

DAILY ENERGY OUTPUT - is the average energy produced per day.  

ANNUAL AND MONTHLY ENERGY OUTPUTS - are calculated using the daily value. They represent the average annual power outputs. 

PERCENT OPERATING TIME - is the time the turbine should be producing some power. 

ANNUAL WIND OUTPUT ALL UNITS (MWh) – is the combined wind power output of number of units you have ordered. 

ANNUAL SOLAR ENERGY OUTPUT PER UNIT (KWh) - represents the average annual solar power outputs. It shows only when selected any of the VETROSUN systems. 

TOTAL ANNUAL OUTPUT PER UNIT (kWh) - represents the average annual solar and wind power outputs per unit. 

TOTAL ANNUAL OUTPUT ALL (MWh) - is the combined wind and solar power output of number of units you have ordered. 

TOTAL SYSTEM PRICE PER UNIT - is the price of the system including discounts and VAT. 

PRICE AFTER INCENTIVES PER UNIT - is the actual price of costing after incentives and is the price that is used in calculation of LCOE. 

BATTERY STORAGE PER UNIT - is the price for the power storage if you entered the preferred volume in the input field.  

ALL UNITS TOTAL PRICE - is the combined price of individual units. 

INSTALLATION COSTS ALL UNITS – is the combined price of installation for all units. 

TOTAL INVESTMENT WITH INSTALLATION FOR ALL UNITS – is the total investment size for all units including system price, installation and battery i.e. power storage. It does not include preparatory works such as tower foundations, wiring as well as transport costs for products and/or installation staff. 

Limitations: This model uses a mathematical idealization of the wind speed probability. The validity of this assumption is reduced as the time period under consideration (i.e., the wind speed averaging period) is reduced.
This model is best used with annual average wind speeds. Use of this model with daily or hourly average wind speed data is not recommended because the wind will not follow a Weibull distribution over short periods.
The data used in creating the power curve was generated by experimental and CFD data by Poduhvat DOO. Consult Poduhvat LTD for special needs.

Your performance may vary.

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