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What is Citizen Energy?

“Citizen Energy” is an idea, project, in which each city, each building, each household, each family and ultimately each citizen is clean and sustainable energy producer.

Furthermore, the goal is to make this idea clear, understandable, and acceptable for the widest global population.

How is this possible?

The answer to this question is quite simple. This is possible by upgrading citizen’s private resources (houses, buildings, yards, etc.) to convert natural energy (sun or wind, or combination of these), most efficiently, into electric energy massively and in an organized manner supported by world-leading financial, social and political institutions. 

This is why we have created VETAR & VETROSUN units. For the first time, the individual buyer as well as communities can become power producers. Jointly they can create microgrids the basic autonomous organs of larger smart grid systems.

Our way of localized power production offers major advantages over traditional utilities oriented power distribution. With the current model of remote power production, almost 30% of energy is being lost in the transfer from power plants to end consumers. With our localized and distributed power generation model, there would be almost no losses at all.


This initiative is, by a large part, communities oriented way of purchasing Vetar wind turbines and/or Vetrosun hybrid systems. When ordered and purchased at large numbers the price of our systems can be reduced significantly. As such:

For 10 units ordered discount is 5%, for 50 units ordered discount is 10%, for 100 units ordered discount is 15%, for 500 units ordered discount is 20% and for 1000 units ordered discount is 25%, for 5000 units ordered, or more, the discount is 30%.

So what will be the levelized costs per 1 MWh of energy produced in this way?

Below is an example of the randomly selected location around London:

London weather data as seen from IRENA




Here is a VETROSUN 15I4.2 based calculation for London. To make your own calculation visit our calculator page here.



And here is a VETROSUN 13I4.2 based calculation for London. To make your own calculation visit our calculator page here.

Source: HEPI by Energie-Control Austria, MEKH, Vaasa ETT (November 2013)

Having in mind wind and solar energy potential in Europe in most European cities, under the above given Vetar and Vetrosun prices, the levelized cost of electric energy would be significantly lower than average residential electric energy costs. Especially beneficial can be populations in northern parts of Europe as well as populations on islands like Crete, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Island, etc.

In Russia, the best areas for installations of Vetar and Vetrosun products are northwest areas, eastern areas of the country as well as Black Sea areas.

In China, the most suitable areas are northeastern and eastern areas of the country, in Japan northern areas but also entire country territory in general. As for India and Africa, the best areas are northeast and south areas as well as coastal areas in the east.

Considering the USA especially beneficial are populations are in northeast areas, coastal areas, grate lakes areas, Alaska and central areas like North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, Texas, etc.

In South America the best installation areas would be in the south as well as coastal areas, considering Australia north and south areas, and entire Oceania is in a generally good place for Vetrosun and Vetar devices installations.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that utilities electric energy prices are rising annually and that trend will continue in the future as well.